Whole, Half & Quarter Beef

May 2019 Beef Order Form

From time to time we offer either the purchase of a whole, half or quarter of beef. This would include all of the cuts from either the whole steer, half of a steer or a quarter of a steer.

Prices are based upon the hanging weight of the beef given to us by the processor. Once butchered  into different cuts it will yield roughly 60%-63% of the hanging weight. This is the industry average as we won’t know the final figures until after processing. What type of final cuts are chosen also makes a difference in ending total pounds of beef. If mostly boneless cuts the ending yield will be less.

  • Whole Beef $4.25/lb hanging weight
  • Half Beef $4.75/lb hanging weight
  • Quarter Beef $5.25/lb hanging weight

What to expect cost wise

Average 575 lb – 750 lb hanging weight

  • Whole Beef total cost about $2465-$3190 average yield 360-460 lbs of beef.
  • Half Beef total cost about $1375-$1780 average yield 180-230 lbs of beef.
  • Quarter Beef total cost about $760-$985 average yield 90-115 lbs of beef.

Price includes processing costs, trucking expenses & pick-up of the finished product from the processing facility. All meat will be processed USDA, vacuum packed with labels & be frozen.

There is a deposit of $800 for a Whole Beef, $400 for a Half Beef & $200 for a Quarter Beef. The remainder of your balance is due on the day you pick up your finished beef. If we do not receive your remaining balance by the processing date we will not send your beef to the processor and your deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel your beef after paying your deposit and we can find someone to purchase your Whole, Half or Quarter Beef before the processing date we will refund your deposit minus a $50 administrative fee.

You will pick-up your beef from our farm stand on the day we get it back from the processor this is normally 16-21 days after the processing date and will most likely be a Saturday.


We know it is tricky when buying a whole, half or quarter beef directly from the farmer. Below is a breakdown of what can be expected with each option.

This is an actual steer from our farm we had processed.

Hanging weight was 690 lbs and yielded 500 lbs of finished beef.

The Price for this steer would have been:

  • $2932.50 for a whole about 500 lbs finished beef
  • $1638.75 for a half about 250 lbs finished beef
  • $905.63 for a quarter about 125 lbs finished beef

Whole & Half Beefs may fill out their own cut sheet to specify which cuts they would prefer or can choose between mostly steaks or steaks & roasts or mostly roasts and we will take care of the cut sheet. Quarter Beefs do not get to fill out their own cut sheet but we will get to choose between mostly steaks or steaks & roasts or mostly roasts. The following link shows an example breakdown of the above mentioned steer cut as Mostly Steaks.

We understand that every family is different in what cuts of beef they will use. You would be hard pressed to see me cook a beef roast so it is a cut that would just sit in my freezer. There are different variations on how an animal can be finished. Short ribs and shanks can be ground for ground beef. Stew meat can also be ground if that is desired. Talk to us we are very accommodating and don’t want cuts you won’t use wasting space in your freezer.

Fill your freezer up with fresh local humanely raised beef!

May 2019 Beef Order Form

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