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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for community Supported Agriculture. A CSA is a partnership between a local farm and members of the surrounding community. CSA members purchase a share of the farm’s harvest with added value. For vegetables during the growing season the members receive their share of the Farm’s harvest. Meat & Egg shares are a little different members pre-purchase their shares and in return receive their share at a reduced cost. Members also take the risks of farming right along with the farmer. When a vegetable does not do well in a growing season members can expect a decreased yield from that particular crop. Not to worry because where one crop is struggling there is always another crop that is flourishing.

Why Purchase a CSA?

  • You help our farm with the upfront costs of growing your food. Such as potting soil, seeds, greenhouse supplies, feed, animal stock, etc.
  • Purchasing a CSA helps farmers to not have to take out operating loans before you receive the finished product.
  • You receive on average 15% more value in your CSA compared to our retail price for vegetables. Meat shares receive a reduced price as opposed to purchasing by the piece.
  • Your farmers can determine how much to plant of each crop or how many chickens to grow, which helps to reduce food waste.
  • Locally grown food is fresher, looks better and is of a higher quality than what you can buy in a grocery store.
  • Buying any goods locally stimulates your local economy which helps everyone in your community.
  • By becoming a member your CSA share will introduce your family to new vegetables you would have never thought to purchase.
  • Plus it’s nice to be able to know who grows your food!



What do you get from your CSA share?

For Vegetable Shares: Each week you will come to pick up your share and receive a bounty of fresh picked vegetables. We will put out a newsletter with recipes and ideas on how to use all of your vegetables. Vegetable shares receive on average 15% more in value based upon our retail prices.

For Meat Shares: Each month you will come pick up your share and receive your fresh or frozen-fresh locally raised meat. Meat shares are purchased at a reduced cost per pound.

Share Pickup

Member shares will be picked up at our home, 72 Milford St in Medway

Pick-up day is Tuesday from 12pm to 8pm for vegetable shares.

Meat shares are picked up once a month. Days will be available closer to the pick up.

Share distribution is set up Market Style. Vegetables will be displayed in bins with signs telling you how much to take based upon which share size you chose. There is some choice involved.

Meat shares will be displayed in a crate for each share member and they will take their share home in their own box, bag or cooler.

Paying for your share

Below are options for paying for your share. We appreciate full payment at sign-up, but realize this is not always possible. Our CSA is like a mini operating loan for our farm when we incur the most expense for the season. We add value as described above for this but is important to us to offer a value to those that pay for their shares in full and those that commit to their CSA months before receiving their first product.

Payment Plan Option

Payments will be split into 5 installments. The first installment is due at sign-up and the next four are due at the end of February, March, April & May. You must sign-up for a payment plan before February 28, 2018. After that payment in full will be required.

Early Share Sign-up

Commit to your CSA share by February 28, 2018 and receive a 2% discount on your meat or/& veggie share. Payment in full or down payment for payment plan required before March 1st. Discount is automatically taken upon sign-up.

Full Payment Upon Sign-Up for Vegetable Shares

We appreciate full payment upon sign-up. We incur 90% of our cost for the season before March and it saves us the office time of tracking payments throughout our busiest time of the year. This season we are offering a considerable discount to Vegetable Shares paid in full at sign-up or within 5 business days if by check. Each discount equals the value of one of our shares, so it is like getting one weeks of veggies for free! only valid until 2/28/18

Bonus Share Discount

Additionally we are offering a discount if you sign-up for our Summer Vegetable Share, Beef Share, Chicken Share & Summer Egg Share and your share is paid in full at sign-up or within 5 business days if by check. only valid until 2/28/18

We accept payment from Paypal or by check. Paypal requires payment upon sign-up. If paying by check we must receive your payment within 10 business days to secure your spot. Please plan on sending your payment or paying via paypal upon sign up. 

We can also take payment for your share using SNAP.  Doing so gives you the added benefit of using your HIP bonus on your veggie share. For more details on how to sign-up and pay with SNAP please contact us at nicolelobisser@verizon.net.

Click below for full descriptions about each of the shares we offer

The Summer Vegetable Share

The Fall Vegetable Share

Chicken Share

Beef Share

Egg Share

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Produce Chart


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