NOP compliant manure based compost.

We use animal manure from our farm, old hay & shavings.

Never any grass clippings

Our own compost  is used on our hay fields, vegetable fields & as a mulch during the growing season. We have a vested interest in producing the best compost possible. Plus composting our manure leads to a quicker breakdown of the material which is better for the environment.

We use a windrow method to compost where the material breaks down quickly over a 10 day period. Then ages for another 45-180 days. This compost is used on our own vegetable fields because of this we strive for every pile to reach 140°F to kill weed seeds. While we can’t guarantee that is 100% weed free, we have yet to see a weed sprout from our compost in the 4 years we have been using it.

Manure based compost is great for soil health. Some of the benefits of manure compost

  • builds soil organic matter
  • increases moisture retention especially in sandy soils (ask how we know)
  • helps with soil compaction
  • reduces soil erosion & runoff
  • reduces plant stress during dry times
  • slow release fertilizer
  • supports a healthy active microbial soil environment

Our compost is offered bagged or in bulk. Delivery Available.

For pricing e-mail:

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Putting material in a windrow

Checking Temperatures

Compost Time

Picture of our winter squash 40 days into the 2015 drought. We had an epic harvest this year despite having a long drought with no added water.