Chicken CSA

Chicken Share-2019

Chicken Share Details

There will be 2 different seasons for chicken shares: Summer & Fall

The Summer Share will have pick-ups in June, July & August

The Fall Share will have pick-ups in September, October & November

Pick-up is during normal stand hours (8am-7pm or dark whichever is latest) Tuesday to Saturday. I always try to be available for pick-up weeks but I also have animals to tend to, vegetables to pick & farmers markets that I attend so pick-up will generally be self serve. Your share will be bagged and placed in the CSA share freezer. You would simply grab your share bag (they will be color coded) & check your name off on the list when you pick-up. Please bring back your bag at the next pick-up or remove your share from the bag and place into your own bag leaving our bag at the stand.

Summer Share

Pick-up Dates: weeks of June 11th, July 8th, August 6th
Whole Share $54/month($162)

The whole share is 3 whole chickens individually wrapped per month. 3 whole chickens per month. Whole Chickens average 4.5 lbs each

Half Share $40/month($120)

The Half Share is 2 chickens cut in half and individually wrapped per month. 4 half chickens per month. Half Chickens average 2 lbs each

To Sign-Up for a share Click Link Below

Benefits of our Chicken Share:

  • Nutritious local chicken that tastes like chicken
  • Convenient monthly pick-up at our Farm Stand
  • Guarantee of fresh local chicken even when demand is high
  • Your chicken can easily be kept frozen and saved for the winter
  • Tips on how to cook your chicken & how to part a whole chicken easily
  • Our chickens are raised humanely with care in small batches

2019 Summer Share Sign-Up

Fall Share Sign-up’s will begin in June