Chicken CSA

Chicken Share-2019

Chicken Share Details

There will be 2 different seasons for chicken shares: Summer & Fall

The Summer Share will have pick-ups in June, July & August CLOSED

The Fall Share will have pick-ups in September, October & November

Pick-up is during normal stand hours (8am-7pm or dark whichever is latest) Tuesday thru Saturday. I always try to be available for pick-up weeks but I also have animals to tend to, vegetables to pick & farmers markets that I attend so pick-up will generally be self serve. Your share will be bagged and placed in the CSA share freezer. You would simply grab your share bag (your name will be on the bag) & write your name on the yellow pad on the counter. Please bring back your bag at the next pick-up or remove your share from the bag and place into your own bag leaving our bag at the stand.

Fall Share

Pick-up Dates: WEEKS OF SEPTMEBER 10th, OCTOBER 8th, November 5th
Whole Share $54/month($162)

The whole share is 3 whole chickens individually wrapped per month. 3 whole chickens per month. Whole Chickens average 3.5-4.5 lbs each

Half Share $40/month($120)

The Half Share is 2 chickens cut in half and individually wrapped per month. 4 half chickens per month. Half Chickens average 1.5-2.5 lbs each

To Sign-Up for a share Click Link Below

Benefits of our Chicken Share:

  • Nutritious local chicken that tastes like chicken
  • Convenient monthly pick-up at our Farm Stand
  • Guarantee of fresh local chicken even when demand is high
  • Your chicken can easily be kept frozen and saved for the winter
  • Tips on how to cook your chicken & how to part a whole chicken easily
  • Our chickens are raised humanely with care in small batches

2019 Fall Share Sign-Up

Fall Share Sign-up’s will begin in June