Beef Share

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Fall Beef Shares start in October

2 pick- up days:
Tuesday October 9, 2018
Tuesday November 6, 2018

Beef Share – 2018

New this year we will be offering a beef share.
Our Beef shares run for 6-month intervals and are picked up once a month at the farm stand in June, July, August, September, October & November. All beef comes frozen from the processor to ensure freshness.
Mini – 5-7 lbs of beef per month. $324
Full – 10-12 lbs of beef per month. $561
Ground Beef Share – 5 lbs of ground beef per month. $195
Ground beef will come in 1 lb packages.
Cuts will vary including steaks, roasts, stew meat & ground beef. All with be familiar cuts. Heart, Liver and other odd cuts available upon request.
Example Shares
1-3 lbs of ground beef
2 sirloin steaks
1 pack of breakfast sausage or 1 lb of stew meat
2-3 lb top round roast
3-5 lbs of ground beef
2 strip steaks
1 pack of breakfast sausage
1 lb of stew meat
2-3 lb top round roast
Warmer months will be more grilling cuts and cooler months will be more roasts and stew cuts

Benefits of our Beef Share:

  • Nutritious local beef with no middleman
  • Convenient monthly pick-up at our Farm Stand
  • Guarantee of fresh local beef even when demand is high
  • Tips on how to cook different cuts of beef
  • Our cattle are raised humanely with care in small batches

How We Raise Our Beef?

Our cattle roam through woods and pastured fields. Their diet is mostly pasture, grass silage and hay. We supplement with minerals, our own produce & local grains. Grass in the form of hay, silage & pasture is available to them at all times from calf until their final day on our farm. Cows have tough four chamber stomachs which enable them to digest grasses, however they also have a well developed sense of taste. We supplement with a small amount of grains when pasture & hay growing conditions are not perfect due to our unpredictable New England weather. This provides our animals with a balanced diet even if optimal growing conditions are not on our side from one year to the next. Our objective is to have healthy animals who are sustained with locally produced food.
All their hay and silage is produced by our farm from our own fields and their grains comes from a local producer. We never buy in hay from other regions it is all local. Our fields & pastures are herbicide, fungicide and pesticide free. The hay fields are fertilized with compost we make from all our own animals on the farm. Cattle are rotated through different areas which prevents build-up of bacteria & diseases. This allows us to use no antibiotics or hormones ever.

Why buy our Beef?

Our beef cattle are raised in a natural environment where they have access to fresh air, grass & woods. Cattle on our farm is raised humanely and are not just another number. We raise them in small numbers sometimes only having as little as 5-8 cattle at a time. They are handled daily to ensure there is no stress on them during their lives. When they are young they run around and play with our goats and when we have time we play along with them all.

What the future holds!

For now we raise bull calves from local dairy farms. We are currently building up our own herd of beef cows. It will be 2 ½ years from the start before we even have the first calf born on our farm. Currently we have 2 Hereford heifer cows (Maybelle & Lilly) who will be breed this coming July. We got them last spring when they were still young. Darla (pictured to the left) is the newest heifer on the farm and we plan to add more as we find them available locally.

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